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First Aid - each year it is the most popular merit badge earned by scouts and frequently their first badge earned on the trail to Eagle. Come have fun with First Aid.

'Patrol Leader Merit Badge Planning Guide for the FirstAid Merit Badge

*** Activities for the Youth Lead Patrol ***

Exploring FirstAid can be a fascinating youth adventure when done right. Here are a few tips to help the patrol leader get started.

  • Scouts may never add or subtract from the actual merit badge requirements
  • This Planner is only a suggestion of different ideas to make working this Merit Badge both fun and easy.
  • While doing the Worksheet is not a requirement for earning this badge, in many cases it can help you learn key concepts and track your progress.

A. Make Your Plan

Sample Patrol Activity Flyer
  1. Merit Badge Activity Planning Tips - 14 tips for a successful patrol activity. Read carefully before you start your plan!
  2. Share Your Plan - Meet ahead of time with your patrol, scout leaders, parents and especially with the Merit Badge Counselor. Make changes to the plan as needed.
  3. Prepare Activity Flyer - Keep your fellow scouts informed - events, activities, pre-requisites and more.
Patrol Activity GREAT Awesome MB to work as a patrol / Max Size 12 scouts
Virtual Field Trip GREAT Require presenter shares FirstAid in virtual meeting
Family Activity GREAT Prepare home first aid kit
Service Activity FAIR Usage in Emergency Preparedness Drills
S.T.E.M. Activity GREAT Lots of medical science here
Field Trip POOR All in-class activities
Duty-to-God POOR N/A
MB Day GREAT Pre-requisites: Complete Tenderfoot, 2nd Class & 1st Class Requirements
Overnighter GREAT Use Outdoor classroom for first aid
Summer Camp GREAT Use Outdoor classroom for first aid / Complete Req #1 first

Online Resources

B. Introduction Meeting


Most merit badge activities do best to have a "introduction" meeting where the patrol can discuss how to get started and to plan out their field trips. Send out the activity flyer in advance to use as an meeting agenda. Your scouts will then know what to expect.

First aid is promptly helping people who are suddenly sick (illnesses) or hurt (injuries or body damage). For example, first aid is used at accidents to help an injured person until they receive medical treatment (help by doctors, nurses or ambulances). First aid is also used to help people who suddenly become sick, until help arrives or they can be taken to medical care.

A person does not need much equipment to give first aid. A package of things useful to give first aid is called a first aid kit. Lives can be saved even without a first aid kit. What is required is basic knowledge. First aid can be done just about anywhere that an emergency requires. In places far from hospitals, first aid may be the only help possible until the person can be taken to a hospital or clinic.

Emergency medical dispatchers are trained in first aid, so that if there is an emergency, they can give the caller some information on what to do until the ambulance arrives. This can include the "C-A-B" listed below.

News Flash

C. Homework / Prerequisites

Assign one or more requirements that the scout can do at home, perhaps as a family activity.

Home First Aid Kit

Req #5a: Prepare a first-aid kit for your home. Display and discuss its contents with your counselor.

D. Study Hall Patrol Night

While some scouts may be adept at self-study, others may do better in a small group setting and taking notes on worksheets. Make an agenda. You can facilitate discussion by asking them why each of the principles introduced here would be relevant. Schedule one or more patrol meetings to work this merit badge.

Pre-Open Gathering Activity

A gathering activity before the official meeting start is a great way to set a fun theme for the meeting. Open each first aid activity night with a different quiz:

First Aid Training Videos:

First Aid-O-Ree:

    • Chief Seattle Council First Aid-o-Ree - " a fun competition where Patrols from various Troops in the District compete against each other by solving and acting out different first aid scenarios. Scouts in each Patrol will take turns demonstrating their leadership under challenging and unexpected conditions."

Req #12: Quiz - First Aid Challenges

Tenderfoot First Aid Activity

Req #1: "Demonstrate to your counselor that you have current knowledge of all first-aid requirements for Tenderfoot, Second Class, and First Class ranks."

MBC Discussion Group #1

Discuss with your MBC the following :

  • Req #2:Discussion - Where to get help
  • Req #3:Discussion - First Aid "Triage"
  • Req #4:Discussion - Preventing Infections.
  • Req #5a: Discussion/Display - Home First Aid Kit
  • Req #5b: Discussion/Display - Troop First Aid Kit

MBC Discussion Group #2

Discuss with your MBC the following :

  • Req #6:Discussion - Treating Shock, Heart Attack & Stroke
  • Req #7: Discussion - CPR & AED
  • Req #8: Discussion - Severe Bleeding
  • Req #9: Discussion - Bee Stings
  • Req #10: Discussion - Broken Bones
  • Req #11: Discussion - Head & Back Injuries

E. First Aid Activities

Transport Injured Person Activity

Req #13a: Describe the conditions under which an injured person should be moved.
Req #13b: If a sick or an injured person must be moved, tell how you would determine the best method. Demonstrate this method.
Req #13c: With helpers under your supervision, improvise a stretcher and move a presumably unconscious person.

Teaching First Aid Skills

Req #14: Teach another Scout a first-aid skill selected by your counselor.

F. Extra Credit

While none of these are actual requirements for this merit badge - they are terrific opportunities to show Scout Spirit, Do A Good Turn Daily and to have FUN!

  1. Activity Reflection: Use this meeting for scouts to ask questions and to reflect on what they gained personally from this adventure. You can also have a discussion on what future opportunities are here.
  2. Court of Honor Exhibit: Pictures, handiwork and other memorabilia from this adventure will make for a great presentation at the next Scout Troop Court of Honor.

Related Merit Badges

Sometimes it is easier by doing two or more merit badges together as a joint activity:

  • Emergency Preparedness - First Aid MB is Req #1 for Emergency Preparedness! Both are required for Eagle Rank Advancement.