Figure-of-eight follow through

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Figure-of-eight follow through
Names Figure-of-eight follow through, figure-of-eight rewoven loop
Category loop
Related Figure-of-eight knot, Figure-of-eight loop, Flemish bend
Releasing Jamming
Typical use The figure of eight loop is used in climbing due to its simplicity and security. It is only tied in this awkward method when the loops must be threaded through or around an object, making normal tying impossible. In particular, it is used to attach a rope to a climbing harness.

The Figure-of-eight follow through loop is a type of knot.

Comments: The double bowline accomplishes the same task, can be tied faster, and does not jam. However, the double bowline has closely related knots that can capsize, so many climbers prefer the figure-of-eight as it is less likely to be mistied.
Structure: Topologically identical to the figure-of-eight loop, it differs only in the manner of tying.
Tying: Tie a figure-of-eight knot loosely, pass the working end around the object being tied, then reweave the working end back through the knot.

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