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Falconer's knot

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Falconer's knot
Category loop
Releasing Non-jamming
Typical use Falconry

The Falconer's Knot is a knot used in falconry to tie a bird of prey to a perch. As the left hand would have the bird sitting on it the Falconer's Knot must be tied using only the right hand.

How to tie the Falconer's Knot:

  1. Pass the rope anti-clockwise around the perch.
  2. Place the right hand underneath the first piece of rope and grip the free end piece between the middle fingers with the little finger and ring finger on top of the rope and the index and middle finger below.
  3. Place the thumb over the first piece of rope and under the second.
  4. Keeping the thumb in the same position rotate the wrist and bring the end between the middle and ring fingers round over the first piece of rope.
  5. Pinch the thumb and ring finger together and pass the free end of the rope through the loop made by the thumb, to form a second loop.
  6. Pass the free end through the new loop to secure.

To untie simply pull out the free end and tug hard and it should untie. When securing birds of prey often two knots will be used as birds can learn to untie them.

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