FOS Open Scouting

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FOS Open Scouting
FOS Open Scouting
FOS Open Scouting
Headquarters Gent
Location Kortrijksesteenweg 639
Country Belgium
Founded 1910
Membership 8,000
Federaal Verantwoordelijke / Voorzitter FOS David Berg / Annemie Van Avermaet
Affiliation Guidisme et Scoutisme en Belgique/
Gidsen- en Scoutsbeweging in België
FOS Open Scouting

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FOS Open Scouting or FOS is a pluralistic, internationally oriented, coeducational, Flemish Scout and Guide organisation in Belgium and is a member of the Guidisme et Scoutisme en Belgique/Gidsen- en Scoutsbeweging in België (GSB, Guides and Scouts Movement of Belgium). FOS is a federation of 58 Scout Groups.


The first pluralistic Boy Scouts organisation in Belgium was the "Boy-Scouts de Belgique" (B.S.B.) founded in 1910. 1913 was the "Sea Scouts of Belgium" (S.S.B) and in 1914 "Eclaireurs de Belgique" (E.B.) founded. In 1916 the S.S.B and the the E.B. merged with the B.S.B.. In the same year was the "Girl-Guides van België" (G.G.B.) founded, the first pluralistic Girl Guide organisation. 1945 the B.S.B. and the G.G.B. merged to form the Boy-Scouts en Girl-Guides van België (B.S.B.-G.G.B.). 1966 the B.S.B.-G.G.B. split in a Flemish organisation, "Federatie voor Open Scoutisme" (F.O.S.) and a Walloon organisation, "Fédération des Eclaireuses et Eclaireurs" (F.E.E.), later renamed to Scouts et Guides Pluralistes de Belgique (S.G.P.). In 1999 dropped F.O.S. the dots and renamed to "FOS Open Scouting". [1]


Agegroup Boys / Girls / Common Seascouts
6 - 7 Bevers Zeehonden
8 - 10 Welpen
11 - 13 Jongverkenners / Jonggidsen / JVG Aspiranten
14 - 15 Verkenners / Gidsen / VG Juniors
16 - 17 Seniors Loodsen
18 + Leaders

VG = Verkenner-Gids


The highest class badge for Welpen (cubs); the (Zilveren / Grijze) Wolf
  • Values: Law & Promise, Engagement, Teamwork, Service, Self-reliance, Self-governing, Openness (active pluralism), Co-education
  • Playgrounds: Outdoor live, exploration, sport & games, culture & creativity, techniques, reflection & society
  • Methods: Patrol system, Symbolic framework, Personal progression, Living in nature, Learning by doing, Adult support

FOS is more traditional than the Scouts en Gidsen Vlaanderen and actively uses Class badges.

Tak (Section) Techniekniveau (Class badge)
Bevers / Zeehonden Bevertanden
Welpen Teerpoot
Eerste Ster
Tweede Ster
Jonggidsen / Jongverkenners / Aspiranten Teervoet
Gidsen/Verkenners/Juniors 2e Klas
Seniors 1e Klas

Active pluralism

All children and young people from 5 years are welcome in FOS. Race, social origin, nationality, sexual orientation, physical or cultural differences is never a basis for refusal. Also are people with any philosophical, religious or political conviction welcome as long as these principles are compatible with the vision of Open Scouting. FOS believes that a conviction is never finished, that you have to accept that a different view can and may have consequences and that you basically always have to be willing to review your vision and possibly amend it. FOS encourages a respectful dialogue about the various forms of spirituality in society. This confrontation of ideas is believed to enrich the spiritual choices of the members.

The promise of the FOS makes no reference to a god or a religion only to a higher ideal. I promise, on my honour, to try:
To be loyal to a higher ideal, our group and democracy
To obey the guides/scouts law
To help where possible

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