Føroya Skótaráð

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Føroya Skótaráð
Country Faroe Islands
Founded 1926
Membership 1,400
Affiliation Fællesrådet for Danmarks Drengespejdere, Pigespejdernes Fællesråd Danmark

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In the Faroe Islands, there are four Scout and Guiding associations forming the Føroya Skótaráð (Faroese Scout Council). They work under the same basic rules, but they do have their own specialties.

The council is a member of Fællesrådet for Danmarks Drengespejdere and has observer status with Pigespejdernes Fællesråd Danmark.

Component associations

Emblem of the Føroya Skótasamband

Føroya Skótasamband

Also known as The Yellow Scouts, the organization was founded in 1926. There are four Scout groups in the country. The groups are not connected to religious organizations, and have both girls and boys as members. The uniform is a khaki shirt. There are just under 300 members.

Emblem of the Skótalið Frelsunarhersins

Skótalið Frelsunarhersins

The Salvation Army Scouts or FH-Scouts were founded in 1939. There is only one small group in the country. The group, connected to the Salvation Army, has boy and girl members. The uniform is a gray shirt. In 1994, there were 24 members throughout the country. The FH-Scouts are associated to KFUM-Skotarnir I Føroyum.


The Skótalið Frelsunarhersins logo is based on the historic logos of the Salvation Army Life-Saving Scouts and Life-Saving Guards and is except for the text identical to the logo of the Norwegian Salvation Army Scouts (Frelsesarmeens speidere). It shows in red a lifebuoy with in the centre the letters FH for Frelsens Hær (The Salvation Army) and on the lifebuoy the motto "To Save and to Serve" written in Faroese language. The symbools in the loops are: bible for caring for the soul, lamp for caring for others, eye for caring for the mind and gymmnastics clubs for caring for the body.[1]

Emblem of the Føroya KFUK Skótar

Føroya KFUK Skótar

The Faroese YWCA Scouts, the local Girl Scouts, were founded in 1928. There are six groups in the country, connected to the Lutheran Church. In most places, there are only female members. The uniform is a green shirt. In 1994, there were 269 members.

Emblem of the KFUM Skótarnir I Føroyum

KFUM Skótarnir I Føroyum

File:Grækarismessuhald 2012 skótar.JPG
Members of KFUM Skótarnir I Føroyum flying the national flag on Grækarismessa (12 March)

The Faroese YMCA Scouts were founded in 1939. There are 14 groups in the country, and the organization is also connected to the Lutheran Church. The uniform is a green shirt and members are both male and female. In 1994, there were 998 members in the country.

Program sections

All sections are for both boys and girls.

Scout Promise, Law and Motto

The four associations use different versions of the Scout Promise and the Scout Law.

The Scout Motto is Ver til reiðar, Be Prepared.


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