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Eurotransit Network

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The Eurotransit Network is an informal network of volunteers from European Scout & Guide organisations which builds European contacts through active projects, exchanges and partnerships. The activities are designed to compliment existing national and international structures, by offering direct access for all groups to international activities. Through previous projects, the Network has a specialisation in east-west exchanges, has extensive contacts for summer camps, partnerships and sharing of inter-cultural learning experiences.


The members of the Network are all Scouts and Guides, belonging to WOSM or WAGGGS. They are individuals, mostly representing troops but also districts, regions or entire organisations (from local up to national level). At this time there are members from following countries: Belgium (Scouts en Gidsen Vlaanderen), Germany, Ireland, Germany (DPSG), Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Russia, Belarus (Belarusian Girl Guides), Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Georgia and Spain (Catalunya).


The structure of the Network is informal. Purpose is that Scouts or Guides can easily get in contact with each other. It are the members themselves who are in charge of the Network. There is a Network Meeting on a yearly base where the needs and plans of the Network are discussed. Last Network Meeting was held in 2007 in Clonmel - Ireland. In order to have a day-to-day management, a Core Team was elected during this Meeting.

Network Meetings

Held in With representatives from
2003 Estonia to be confirmed
2004 Germany (Berlin) to be confirmed
2005 Poland (Lodz) to be confirmed
2006 Slovakia (Banska Stiavnica) to be confirmed
2007 (i) Ireland (Clonmel) to be confirmed
2007 (ii) Belgium (Beverlo) to be confirmed
2008 Czech Republic (Plzen - cooperation with KLIC 2008) to be confirmed
2009 Romania (Transylvania) to be confirmed
2010 Austria (Vienna) to be confirmed
2011 Germany (Trier) Germany (DPSG), Romania, Czech Republic, Italy, Russia, Pax Lodge (WAGGGS Four World Centres)
2012 to be confirmed to be confirmed


Summer Projects

The Network is not only constantly working on connecting troops during summer, they have also organised larger International Summer Camps themselves.

Space 2001 in Kalkar (Germany)
Touch 2002 in Lithuania
Green Wave 2004 through the whole of Europe
Living Dictionary 2005 in Arnsberg (Germany)
Rise 2006 in Losevo (Russia)

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