European Scout Federation (British Association)

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European Scout Federation (British Association)
European Scout Federation (British Association)
Headquarters England
Country United Kingdom
Founded 1959
Founder Baden-Powell
National Commissioner Tony Ward
Affiliation Confédération Européenne de Scoutisme
F.S.E. (British Association)

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The European Scout Federation (British Association) is a Traditional Scouting organisation. It is a part of the other Scouting in the United Kingdom. Original test work set out by Robert Baden-Powell is still used. The original uniform is still evident today, broad brimed hats, khaki shirts and shorts, making the wearer instantly recognisable as a Scout.


The F.S.E. was born in Germany after the Second World War, in an attempt to bring together the youth of all countries of Europe. The following list of countries joined Germany: 1956, France: 1958, Great Britain: 1959, Belgium: 1960, The Netherlands: 1971. The Badge of the Association consists of a gold fleur-de-Lys on a red Cross Paté, with a blue background. The fleur-de-Lys is a much-used heraldic sign, which was adopted by Baden-Powell as the Scout badge in 1908. The Scout fleur-de-Lys is also called an arrowhead, and this badge was the badge of the lookout or scout in the army.


Section Ages Part of Activities Formed
Otter Colonies 5–7 Group Always busy and bright. 1997
Wolf Cubs 7–10½ Group A Scout in Training. 1916
Scout Troops 10½–16 Group For the advancement of Scouting skills. 1907
Rover Scout 16–No upper limit Group Emphasis on Service and adventure. 1918
Ranger Scout 16–No upper limit Group Emphasis on Service and adventure. 1974