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Egg game

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The egg game is a complex game played outside with a ball. It requires 4 or more players and lots of open space. Game area is near a house where is a low roof. During the game it is allowed to call other players by names. Leaders should monitor that names are not too bad.

How to play this game?

One of the players starts as a catcher. She/he throws the ball to the roof and calls by name some other player. The one whose name is called becomes the new catcher. She/he catches the ball falling off the roof and throws it back to the roof calling again some other player by name etc. At some point some new catcher does not catch the ball before it hits the ground.

The ball falls to the ground

It is more likely that the second catcher does not catch the ball. That is why when second name is called all other players start running as far as possible.

When the catcher catches the ball from the ground she/he calls "STOP". All players stop where they are. Catcher can take 3 steps and then she/he tries to throw the ball at some other player. Players have to keep one foot still and on the ground. They are allowed to move around that foot while tying to avoid the ball.

Gaining eggs

  • If catcher hits with the ball at some player that somebody gaines an "egg".
  • If the ball does not hit anyone the catcher gaines an egg.
  • If catcher cannot throw the ball to the roof: it falls aside the house or flies over the house... the catcher gains an egg.

Egg ritual

When some player has gained 3 eggs, other players try to change those eggs to a nick name. The 3-egg-owner victim faces towards a wall. One of other players (called as "Egger") touches victims back at 4-7 places between head and heels and counts the places (1, 2, 3...). After that Egger holds up the ball at one of the counted places. Other players can set their firsts to other places to fool the victim. Then the victim tries to guess where is the ball. If she/he guesses right game goes on without nicknames. If the guess is wrong, other players can give her/him a nickname. The nickname is not told to the victim. Others can use the nickname later on in the game and the victim has to guess when they mean her/him. After the ritual those 3 gained eggs are wiped out.


  • Nickname is given without Egg ritual always when catchers ball hits the ground.
  • Only one new cathcer is called and the ball is allowed to fall to the ground
  • In the Egg ritual there is only 3 possible places behind victims back (left-middle-right)
  • In the Egg ritual the ball is set behind victims left or right foot and she/he guesses with which leg she/he kicks the ball