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EUF London Group

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Bordered 4169e1-ff0000.svg
Troop's colors
Type Éclaireurs unionistes de France
Location 9, Soho Square, London
Date Founded 1920

The Eclaireur Unioniste de France London Group was a French Protestant scout group based in London, affiliated to the French scouting association.


The London Troop was created in Septembre 1920,at the French Protestant temple of London (8-9 Soho square) and was affiliated as troop number 211 in February 1921[1].

in 1922, the Scout Leader is called Kropf[2].

in 1928 and until 1940, the Scout Leader is Oscar Weideli. However the troop ceased it's activities in the middle of the 1930s, since the 1937 directory indicates « in construction » (it is re-affiliated in april 1938).

The Troop is called « Chanteclair » (the name of the Gallic rooster, symbol of France) with a blue bordered red neckerchief.

During this period there were two French Scout groups in London: the EUF group and the Scout de France 1re Londres group(catholic). In 1939 the later lost their meeting place and joined the EUF at their Soho square one before both participating in the adventure of the Éclaireurs Français de Grande-Bretagne[3], the scouting branch of the Free French during the Second World war.


«Troupe de Londres (Central YMCA).' — Depuis 5 mois elle n’a cessé de se développer et ne comprend que des jeunes garçons parlant plus ou moins couramment le français. — Travaux manuels. — Sortie tous les samedis.»[4]

Translation "London Troop (Central YMCA) - For 5 months it has not ceased to develop itself and is comprised only of young boys speaking more or less fluently french. - Manual work.- Outings every Saturday.


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