Del Webb High Adventure Base

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Camp Del Webb
Location Kolob, UT

Hi Adventure Treks

  • B.S.A. High Adventure Base
  • Philmont Style Encampments
  • Treks To Nearby Zions National Park
  • Bike Treks to Top of Brians Head
  • Slot Canyoneering and Rappelling
  • Aquatics Facilities
  • Mountain Man Villages
  • ATV Rough Riders
  • Base Camp Programs for Younger Scouts

One night during each trek will be spent at trail campsites away from all program areas. Although there maybe another crew in the vicinity of your campsites, the trail camps are essentially time for the crew to enjoy the experience of the high country without interference from other trekkers and staff. Because the campsites may not be on the Del Webb High Adventure Base property, it will be imperative that good Scout camping methods are emphasized to include the Outdoor Code and No Trace Camping. A view of Zion’s upper reaches make for spectacular photos at these outpost camps.

Homestead Camp

You’ll find yourself in the old west in homestead camp. Learn forge work, cabin building, gold panning, bullwhips, archery, and other old west skills. Enjoy a BBQ and beans or Country Fried steak at the chuck wagon meal courtesy of the staff at this area.

1840s Mountain Man Camp

Let's go back to the 1800's where The Mountain Man's life was one of skill. Not only was he a trapper and woodsman without equal, he was also a trader, blacksmith, horse wrangler, teamster, doctor, gunsmith, tailor, explorer, packer and guide. We want trekkers who are willing to step back in time, to attempt for a short time, at least, to live life as man was meant to live it, as Free Individuals and true Sons of the Wilderness.

Trekkers will shoot black powder rifles, field archery adventure, throw tomahawks and knives, start a fire with flint and steal, set beaver traps, learn about our native American heritage, leather crafts, tall tales, and enjoy a mountain man’s Dutch oven feast. Leave your razor at home, break out the harmonica, and get ready to settle in for a real love Del Webb’s mountain man program.

LVAC Council

Csp Las Vegas Area Council.jpg

This camp is part of The Las Vegas Area Council (LVAC), which proudly serves youth members and volunteer leaders through Scout units in Southern Nevada. It is a local council (#238) of the Boy Scouts of America. All youth are invited to join scouting.