De Gule Spejdere i Danmark - Baden-Powell spejderne

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De Gule Spejdere i Danmark - Baden-Powell spejderne
De Gule Spejdere i Danmark - Baden-Powell spejderne
Country Denmark
Founded 1984
Affiliation World Federation of Independent Scouts

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Gule Spejdere members.
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The Yellow Scouts of Denmark — Baden-Powell Scouts (De Gule Speijdere i Danmark) started on 25 February 1984, as "Det Danske Pige- og Drenge Spejderkorps", aiming to return to a more traditional scouting approach as a response to changes in the mainstream Danish scouting movement.[1]

In 1985 the name of the Association was changed to "De Gule Spejdere i Danmark — Baden-Powell spejderne". It currently has 12 Groups.[2][3] In addition to being members of the World Federation of Independent Scouts they are members of the Danish Youth Council (DUF) which is an umbrella organization of democratic, community groups working with children and youth.


The Gule Spejdere Groups are divided into sections, with each section serving a different age range of children, youths or adults.

Section Ages Controlled by Activities
Ulvergrenen 7–10 Group Based on the Junglebog (Jungle Book).
Stifindere 10–12 Group Inspired by North American Indians, concentrating on outdoors and camping skills.
Spejdertroppen 12–18 Group The main Scout section, based on the patrol system.
Pionererne 18–21 Group This section is used to develop scouting and leadership skills.
Roverklanen 21+ Group For those over 21 who wish to remain in Scouting — with no upper age limit.


On my honor I promise to do my best
To be faithful to my country,
Be helpful at all times
And to keep the Scout Law.

Scout Law

  • En spejder er til et stol pa (A scout is to be trusted)
  • En spejder er hjælpsom og en god kammerat (A scout is helpful and a good friend)
  • En spejder er god mod dyr (A scout is good to animals)
  • En spejder tager vanskeligheder med godt humør (A scout takes difficulties in a good mood)
  • En spejder er ren i tanke, ord og handling (A Scout is clean in thought, word and deed)

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