Curtis S. Read Scout Reservation

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The sign at the front of Camp Read.

Curtis S. Read Scout Reservation, also known as Camp Read, is a Boy Scout camp located in the Adirondacks in Brant Lake, New York operated by the Westchester-Putnam Council. It consists of three camps, Waubeeka, Buckskin, and Summit Base. There are 2 dirt roads which make most of the camp accessible by car in warmer months.

Camp Waubeeka

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A boat race in Waubeeka Lake

Camp Waubeeka, which opened in 1969, is a camp within the Read Scout Reservation where certain troops travel to camp out in tents and earn merit badges through different mini-programs. There are many events, such as make-your-own-boat races, to do there. In Waubeeka, the scouts cook their own meals. It also has its own man made lake, Waubeeka Lake, as well as a large group of staff members. There are many campsites that come with names, all named after mountains in the Adirondacks. Showers and latrines are located in camp for general use.

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Newton Hall, the dining hall for Buckskin.

Camp Buckskin

Camp Buckskin is a camp within Read where certain scouts travel to camp out in tents and earn merit badges for themselves. Scouts eat most meals in Newton Hall, the main dining hall, unless they take the Cooking merit badge. They also often cook in their own camp site. There are also events, competitions and twice-weekly campfires that go on during the course of the summer. It also includes its own lake, known just as the "waterfront," where scouts can complete water-related merit badges as well as use it for recreational purposes. There are many different campsites, among them Pawnee, Ranger, and Blackfoot just to name a few. Scoutcraft, Handicraft, et cetera are some areas in which merit badges are earned. There is a program for younger scouts that helps orient them to scouting, camp and rank advancement. There is a large field known as the "parade field" where ceremonies such as the daily lowering and raising of the flag take place. It is also used for recreational purposes. Located nearby is a First Aid office, campfire area, and the Curtis S. Read Scout Reservation Main Office. For certain merit badges and recreation, there is a shooting range in which scouts can use shotguns and rifles, as well as bow and arrows. Showers and latrines are there for use as well.

Summit Base

Summit Base is an area of Read that is considered an adventure camp. Its staff guides weeklong canoe and hiking treks. At Summit is Mount Stevens, a relatively small peak with an amazing view. There is also a climbing wall as well as showers for general use. There is a large field as well and a few campsites, including leantos for use by scouts and adventurers. A long dirt road leads to a big grassland where an old, early 20th century racetrack used to be located, much of it still visible. The racetrack area is also home to a highly regarded high and low ropes course, known as COPE (Challenging Outdoor Personal Experience). There is also man made lake where a zipline is located for scouts to use. There are scattered latrines.

Other Areas

There are horse stables located on the reservation. They are used for equestrian merit badge-related purposes. A small, old-style house is also located there for use in the winter for skiing up in the Adirondacks.

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