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The position of Chief Scout of Scouting Nederland is the main ambassador of the Dutch Scouts & Guides Association. It was held by two people, namely by Jean Jacques Rambonnet from 1927 to 1937 and nearly 85 years later, since 2021, by Freek Vonk.

After 1937, when the “Katholieke Verkenners” (Catholic Scouts) separated from the “Nederlandse Padvinders” (Dutch Boy Scouts), the position of Chief Scout was taken over by the Chief Commissioners.

On September first 1945, Willem Roest van Limburg was appointed acting Chief Scout. When it became clear that the Netherlands would have not one, but two Scouting organizations for boys, no one was appointed Chief Scout.

After the merger of 1973, there was no Chief Scout, Scouting Nederland got a chairman of the National Board and a director of the National Bureau, later called the Landelijk Service Centrum.

On September 24th 2021, it was announced that the populair TV biologist and professor by special appointment Freek Vonk was appointed Chief Scout of Scouting Nederland.