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Chief Scout's Award (Canada)

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The Chief Scout's Award is the highest award which can be achieved at the Scout level in Scouts Canada. It was inaugurated in 1973 by then Governor General of Canada Roland Michener. The Governor General, being the Queen's representative in Canada, is also the Chief Scout of Canada. The award replaced the Queen's/Kings's Scout award.

File:Chief scouts award canada.jpg
The Chief Scout's Award of Canada

In order to earn the award a Scout must earn the Voyageur and Pathfinder Activity Awards which require the Scout to develop citizenship, leadership, personal development and outdoor skills, as well as earn seven Challenge badges, an additional requirement for the Chief Scout's award is that among those there must be at least one in each of the seven categories (athletics, outdoors, home and family, personal development, science and technology, culture and society, and environment); they must in addition hold current qualifications in Standard First Aid, hold the World Conservation Badge, investigate and present findings on Scouts Canada's involvement in World Scouting, design a challenging programme which will require the Scout to excel in each of the four activity areas (Citizenship, Leadership, Personal Development, and Outdoor Skills), including at least 30 hours of additional service to others (above those required in the Citizenship Activity area of the Voyageur and Pathfinder awards).

In working towards the Chief Scout's Award, the Scout will have performed over 30 hours of service in the community, much of it self-directed. They have met with a local service agency and together have discussed and made plans for future improvements in the community. Additional work on the World Conservation Badge exposes a Chief Scout's Award candidate to the many environmental issues of today, and they have taken an active role in promoting those issues with the public. Chief Scout's Award candidates amass more than 100 kilometers in hiking camps and they spend time as trainers helping their fellow Scouts work on their own badge levels.

Recipients of the Award are not called 'Chief Scouts' but instead, are to be referred to as a Pathfinder Scout, holder of the Chief Scout's Award.

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