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Caribbean Scout Jamboree

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12th Caribbean Scout Jamboree.png
An early Scout emblem incorporates elements of the coat of arms of the Federation of the West Indies.

The Caribbean Scout Jamboree is a periodic gathering for Boy Scouts in the Caribbean, held at intervals since 1952, when the First Caribbean Jamboree was held at Briggs Park, in Kingston, Jamaica. Past Jamborees include:

  • 1st Caribbean Jamboree-Kingston, Jamaica-1952
  • 2nd Caribbean Jamboree-Trinidad and Tobago 1961
  • 3rd Caribbean Jamboree-Guyana 1969
  • 4th Caribbean Jamboree-Combermere School, Barbados 1972
  • 5th Caribbean Jamboree-Suriname 1974
  • 6th Caribbean Jamboree-Jamaica 27 September 1977
  • 7th Caribbean Jamboree-Trinidad and Tobago 1980
  • 8th Caribbean Jamboree-Suriname (cancelled) 1984
  • 9th Caribbean Jamboree-Barbados 1987
  • 10th Caribbean Jamboree-Dominica 1994
  • 11th Caribbean Jamboree-Trinidad and Tobago 1997
  • 12th Caribbean Jamboree-Saint Lucia 2000
  • 13th Caribbean Jamboree-Guyana (cancelled) 2003
  • 13th Caribbean Jamboree-Jamaica 2006

Caribbean Cuboree

The Caribbean Cuboree is an event for Cub Scouts living in the Caribbean. It is held every three years and lasts for several days.

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