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Camp Tuckahoe

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Camp Tuckahoe is the largest of three camps owned by the York-Adams Area Council of the Boy Scouts of America, and is currently operated for use by both Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts. The 1300 acre site is located a few miles west of Dillsburg, Pennsylvania, on the border of Cumberland and York Counties. The other council camps are Camp Conewago and Wizard Ranch. [1]


The site was formerly a hunting camp which the Council purchased on March 21, 1947 to replace Camp Ganoga. Construction on the property started in the spring of 1947, and the first camping season got underway the next year on June 27, 1948. Many of the later facilities where not present that first season, including the lake, troops cabins (the boys all slept in tents or adirondack huts), and the memorial chapel.

From the purchase of the land until part way through the first season, the camp was referred to as "South Mountain Camp" and also "South Mountain Memorial Scout Camp" (as a tribute to WWII servicemen). During the initial camp season, a contest was held to choose between the names "South Mountain", "Tuckahoe", and "Whippoorwill", and Tuckahoe won out. The name Tuckahoe is attributed to mean "Land of the Deer and the Fawn" in a Native American language.

Memorial Mall

The Memorial Mall and adjoining Chapels are the centerpiece of the camp. The Mall is an open area lined by hemlock trees that is often used for camp ceremonies and quiet activities. Each of the hemlock trees has been dedicated to a member of the "Council Eternal" (a Scout or Scouter who has died). Additional dedications are made annually when new names are added to the Memorial Wall. Another feature of the Mall is a reflection area where Scouts can read a bronze plaque bearing the words of Robert Frost's poem "If." The recently renovated (but still unused) indoor chapel at the top of the mall was dedicated in memory of Rabbi Goode, one of the Four Chaplains from the USAT Dorchester.

Cub Scout World

An area of Camp Tuckahoe called Cub Scout World is segmented off for use just by Cub Scouts. It is a special place within the camp that has programs and facilities specifically designed for boys ages 6-10.[2]

Themed areas include the Pirate Ship, Medieval Castle, Frontier Fort, and the Native American Village. Sleeping arrangements are available in all four areas. Other more general use areas include the Nature Tree House, Physical Fitness trail, Cub Activity Field, and Cub Pavilion. Additionally there are Air Rifle and Archery Ranges, which tend to be heavily used during summer camp sessions. Sleeping arraignments are available in four large tepees in the

Each year, during the designated Cub Scout week's, operation is organized around a theme relating to one of the theme areas. During said weeks there are many activities centered around the theme of the year. There is a good guy and a villain. Previous villains during the designated years have includeded The Hockenberry brothers "The Hockenberry Boys" (Wild West,'03), Chris Bollinger "The Black Knight" (Knights of the Round Table,'04), Chris Bollinger "Captain (The Captain) Morgan" (Pirates of Camp Tuckahoe,'05), and Doug Shaffer "Dr. Do Badd" (Safari Survivor,'06). The concurrent Good Guys have been... ??? "???" '03, Dave Carey "King Dave" '04, Dave Carey "Commandant Carey" '05, Dave Carey "Indiana Dave" '06.

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