Camp Comer (Greater Alabama Council)

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Camp Comer (GAC)
Camp Comer (GAC)
Location 16490 County Road 89, Mentone, AL 35984-2323

Camp Comer: (AKA: Hugh Comer Scout Reservation), operated by Greater Alabama Council ( BSA),

The main attractions for Camp Comer are the cool summer temperature, beautiful Lake Republic, rocks, and a mountain atmosphere. Camp Comer has outstanding programming and facilities and provides Scouts with five merit badge periods every day here in Alabama.

Camp Facilities

  • Rappelling and Climbing Tower: The 50 foot structure is available during troop activity time. The Climbing Merit Badge is also taught here.
  • Shooting Sports: The Shooting Sports Ranges are located near each other and present a nice setting for shooting 12 and 20 gauge shotguns, .22 caliber rifles, and archery. This area is one of the busiest in camp, since all troops are given the opportunity to schedule shooting during troop activity time.
  • Lake Republic Waterfront: The Waterfront Area is located right on the shores of Lake Republic and Swimming, Sailing, Rowing, Motor boating, kayaking and Canoeing await you here. Leaders who have completed Safe Swim Defense and Safety Afloat may schedule aquatics activities in the afternoon. Fishing must be with a buddy and you must have the permission of your Scoutmaster. The fishing in Lake Republic is guaranteed to hook you.
  • COPE: The COPE course is located past the Archery Range. Both High and Low courses are included. Adults and Scouts over 13 may participate.
  • Thunderbird Trail: This five mile trail around the perimeter of Camp Comer will provide lots of adventure for the junior scouts. It includes a visit to some fascinating rock and cave formations.