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Hubert Eaton Scout Reservation
Hubert Eaton Scout Reservation
Location 29485 Hook Creek Rd, Cedar Glen, CA 92321

Hubert Eaton Scout Reservation (HESR) (AKA: Camp Big Horn // Forest Lawn Scout Reservation) is operated by Greater Los Angeles Area Council and serves scouts from across Southern California. Everything at Camp Big Horn is about the Scout, and is delivered in a high energy, action packed program that all Scouts and Scouters will love.


Welcome to beautiful Camp Big Horn located in the Hubert Eaton Scout Reservation. Located 5,300 feet above the San Bernardino Valley floor in the San Bernardino Mountains near Lake Arrowhead, California. Camp Big Horn offers everything a Scout could ever want in a summer camp. About a 40-minute drive from San Bernardino, Camp Big Horn offers more than a traditional Scout camp experience. Under the guidance of an experienced staff you will enjoy an outstanding program, great food, and lots of fun. This will be the summer camp experience to remember for the rest of your life.

Once you have had a taste of Big Horn you will want to return year after year. Camping in the outdoors is the highlight of the troop’s annual program as Scouts apply the skills they have learned and practiced all year long. With hour-long Scout meetings each week the average troop spends about fifty-two hours of Scouting in one year. One week at Big Horn can provide seventy or more hours of concentrated BSA program that will not only bring a troop closer together, but improve the life of each Scout who participates. Summer camp is a years’ worth of skill practice and adventure in seven days! It’s no wonder you can’t spell “Scouting” without “outing.”

Merit Badge Program


Once you arrive at camp on Sunday we begin the week with swim checks at the Big Horn pool. We have added several new merit badges this summer so that every Scout, even if they have attended Big Horn many times in the past, can come away with new knowledge and skills. Our new merit badges for the 2018 Season include; Search and Rescue, Chess, Game Design, Movie Making, Photography, Geology, Insect Study, and Weather.

Each summer season we rotate some of our merit badges to offer something new, so don’t miss this opportunity to earn these cool badges!

Advanced Camper Experience

We have taken our ACE program to the next level! Our improved program takes older youth (14+ or Adult Leader) and immerses them in outdoor fun. The ACE group will form their own Troop and camp together for the entirety of the week. They will not take merit badge classes, but they will participate in incredible ACE only activities like:

  • Horseback overnighter
  • Overnight experience on the iconic Pacific Crest Trail
  • Mountain Biking
  • Shooting sports activities such as black powder and tomahawk throwing

Exploration Day

This has been expanded to include other meaningful Scout experiences other than hiking. Hiking is an important part of a Scout’s development, both physically and mentally, but we understand that some Troops are looking for other ways to check these boxes of development, so we are now offering other opportunities such as:

  • An all new geocaching trail that will test your Troops orienteering and problem-solving skills
  • Troop time for your unit (as a group) to check out of camp and explore the Lake Arrowhead area.

Shooting Sports

Everybody likes to shoot, but let’s face it; if you’re not trying to qualify for your merit badge on one of the ranges, poking holes in paper can get a bit dull. So, we are making general improvements to our ranges and adding an arcade style shooting aspect to the rifle range where you can shoot at different targets that spin, swing and sound off when you hit them! Facilities Improvements

Our facilities are continuing to see new life here at camp. We are working to bring you substantial improvements to the campsites in aesthetics, safety and layout.

Adult Leader Trainings

We recognize that adults have taken the time to bring Scouts to camp, but now you are here and don’t know what to do... Check out our new line-up of adult leader trainings (in our new adult leader lounge), as well as a few of the classics; Safe Swim Defense, Safety Afloat, Climb on Safely, BSA Life Guard, IOLS, Merit Badge Counselor Training, and an opportunity to earn our “Adult Leader Merit Badge”. Now, there is no excuse of having too much time on your hands… if it is possible that you had that anyways!

Camp Adventures

All of these things sound amazing, but we still offer many incredible ongoing activities at Camp Big Horn that you should know about.

  • Equestrian Program - A horse program that is run to ensure safety, while giving scouts an enjoyable and meaningful experience with horses; from the Horsemanship merit badge to horse rides in the afternoon. It is a program that should not be missed.
  • Wyandot Trail Observatory - On top of the hill at the end of the Wyandot Trail is the often-forgotten Observatory. Here we house one of the premier astronomy programs in California. This program is assisted by Mike Grow, a volunteer that utilizes our state of the art equipment to take Scouts to the rings of Saturn and the Moons of Jupiter. Our night sky offers star gazing like you cannot experience anywhere else!
  • BSA Honor Trail - learn how the Scout Oath impacts Scouts and Scouters on an evening of reflection and growth. This is a time of reverence and an experience that is totally unique.

GLAAC Council

Csp Los Angeles Area Council.jpg

This lodge is part of The Greater Los Angeles Area Council (GLAAC), which proudly serves youth members and volunteer leaders through Scout units in Southern California. It is a local council (#033) of the Boy Scouts of America. All youth are invited to join scouting.

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