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CMScout is a CMS (content management system) aimed towards the Scouting Movement and Scout Groups from around the world. The diversity of its feature set means that it can be used for non-scouting based websites with little or no modification.

Current Features

CMScout currently has the following features:

  • Completely customizable website content - Add as many pages as you want.
  • Completely customizable menus
  • Customizable frontpage - Choose exactly what you want on the frontpage
  • Easy to use authorization system - Let your users see and do exactly what you want them to do.
  • Easy to use download system - organize your downloads into categories. You can also choose exactly which groups can download files from each category, and which groups can upload files to each category
  • Easy to use calendar - Let your scouts know exactly what is happening, and when it is happening
  • Articles - Each patrol can have its own separate page with a list of articles written by members of that patrol.
  • Comments - Allows users to post comments about an article.
  • Group Sites - Certain groups can have their own small websites, this includes articles, photos and content. The group leader can add and remove content, and customise the menu for the group's site.
  • Easy to use registration
  • On-line help system - Each page has its own help page.
  • Easy to use administration panel - Great care has gone into the creating of the administration panel to make sure that it is easy to use.
  • A simple list showing you all the users who have registered on your site and have indicated that they are part of the troop.
  • Template System - Allows users to choose what they want the site to look like, there are a number of templates available on the CMScout website. Templates can also be created by Administrators with HTML and CSS knowledge
  • News system - Show the latest news on the main page, and old news moves to the news archive.
  • Users can add: Articles, Photo Albums and Photos, Event Dates, Downloads and News
  • Full authorisation system - The administrator can limit access to pages and user addable content by user or by group
  • Approval system for user addable content
  • Simple to use search function
  • Scouting records - Allows your scouts to see what items they have completed in the award scheme that you have assigned to them.
  • Completely customizable award schemes - You can add as many different award schemes as you want, each award scheme can have a unlimited amount of badges, and each badge can have a unlimited amount of requirements.
  • Forum - No need for external forum software, CMScout includes its own high quality forum system.
  • Personal Messenger - Allows users to send messages to each other
  • HTML Editor - No need to know HTML thanks to the super fast HTML editor provided with CMScout. CMScout uses the latest version of the TinyMCE HTML editor.
  • My Patrol - This allows users to see who in their patrol is also registered on the site.
  • Link Database
  • Word Censor
  • Polls and voting
  • Account Activation - User Activation, Administrator Activation or Activated by default
  • Group/Patrol Logs - Each group/patrol has a log book/blog
  • RSS feeds - User customizable RSS feeds. Users choose what they want to see in their RSS feed
  • Attendance Register - Allows patrols/groups to see who in the group has attended various events


CMScout requires a server with the following installed:


  • The template system is slightly bloated and hard to setup a template from scratch
  • No comprehensive manual
  • Small community size

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