Bumper knot

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Bumper knot
Bumper knot diagram.png
Names Bumper knot, Bait loop, Egg loop
Category loop
Releasing Non-jamming
Typical use fishing

In fishing, a bumper knot (also known as a bait loop or egg loop) can be used to secure soft or loose bait, including clusters of eggs, to a hook.
Template:Howto The knot is tied as follows:

  1. Cut the line into lengths 6 inches longer than your intended leader length.
  2. Put end #1 into the eye of the hook from the top
  3. Hold end #1 against the shaft and wrap 6-8 turns down the shank with line from just above eye
  4. Pinch the last wrap with your finger tips to keep coils tight
  5. Grab end #2 and put though the eye of the hook from the shank side until approximately one inch sticks out of the eye
  6. With the fingers that are holding the line coils around the shank, slide them to also pinch the line from end #2 against the shank
  7. Grab the line that wrapped coils around shank and wrap four more coils along shank over the top of line end #2 that is pinched against shank
  8. Keep the coils tight and pull line end #2 until the slack line is taken out of the hook
  9. For double hooks, slide another hook on the line where you want it, spaced above the first hook. Repeat steps 1-8.

The loop formed within the knot can be loosened, bait can be inserted, and then the loop drawn tight again.