Boys, be prepared

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"Boys will be boys"
That is a maxim old:
But is there a boy
Who does not enjoy
The life of a woodman bold?
"Boys will be boys,"
That's what the fables tell,
But Scouts mean to show
By their pluck and go,
That boys can be men as well!

While a-marching, marching, marching!
Keep your eye on ev'ry-thing!
You must note each sound,
Ev'ry track upon the ground,
And the clear cold spring,
Or the bird upon the wing!
While a-Scouting, Scouting, Scouting,
There is danger to de dared;
And at ev'ry turn
There is something new to learn,
So, boys, be prepared!

"Boys will be boys"
Boys can be heroes, too,
By striving to aid
A man or a maid,
And seeing the Scout Law through!
"Boys will be boys,"
But all the world has read,
That the Scouts never fear
When there's danger near,
And "Never say die till dead"!


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