Baden-Powell Scouts of Ireland

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National Logo of Baden Powell Scouts Ireland

The Baden Powell Scouts Association of Ireland is a Scouting association in Ireland. Its headquarters are in Kimmage, Dublin 12, Republic of Ireland. BPSA Ireland is an affiliated body of the Baden-Powell Scouts' Association but is registered as a separate Charity organisation and Ltd Company in Ireland.

As an affiliated Association BPSA Ireland follows the same Policy Association Regulations as the BPSA. Some minor modifications occur to badge work – for example in the UK some badges make reference to Queen Elizabeth II and the Monarchy – BPSA Ireland will make reference to the the President of Ireland or the Dáil Éireann and Seanad Éireann.


The BPSAI believe in Scouting as the founder envisaged, and it was from these ideals that a group of leaders, and Scouts, came to form the Baden Powell Scouts of Ireland, previously having been an independent organisation of Scouts, known as The Christian Boy Scouts of Ireland.

Sections in Ireland

Sections in Ireland are the same as in the United Kingdom.

Section Ages Controlled by Activities
Beavers 5–8 Group Working towards the Dam Builder Award.
Wolf Cubs 7½–11 Group Working towards the Leaping Wolf Award.
Scouts 10½–15 Group Working towards the Scout Cord.
Senior Scouts 15–18 Group Working towards the St. George's Award.
Rover Scouts 18+ Group Working towards the Baden-Powell Award.
Child Protection

While the association has tried to keep the values of Scouting for Boys - the association has followed laws with regards to child protection. They have a chartered child protection policy for all their association and a child protection officer.[1] [2]

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