Baden-Powell Scouts in Australia

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The Baden-Powell Scouts Association was established in Australia in May, 1984. In January 1990 the branch became legally incorporated in South Australia. Baden-Powell Scouts Australia is not in any way part of Scouts Australia. Baden-Powell Scouts started in Australia in two isolated places, each without the knowledge of the other. The earlier one was in Tasmania, and the other was in Adelaide. Baden-Powell Scouts in South Australia is now about 250 members strong, comprising three groups in the metropolitan Adelaide area. The one group of about 40 in Tasmania is also part of the same association. Frank Payne is now responsible for all Australian Baden-Powell Scouts, being designated by the UK Association as Chief Commissioner for Australia.

It is now active in:

  • South Australia
  • Tasmania
  • New South Wales

The Baden-Powell Scouting Movement in Australia welcomes people with Physical, Intellectual or Social disadvantages, the policy of this Association is to integrate all people with special needs into the main stream, being prepared to adapt and modify the program to meet individual needs whenever necessary.

Sections in Australia

The Baden-Powell Movement in Australia has a number of sections catering for a wide age range.

Koalas -For young people in lower Primary.

Wolf Cubs - Based on the the Jungle book Stories, Wolf Scouts are in upper primary school.

Scouts - Lower secondary school or until the first class badge is gained.

Senior Scouts - This is for those in upper Secondary School. The Southern Cross Award is the highest gained.

Rover Scouts - In the Baden-Powell Movement there are three phases: Training (Young Adults 17 to 26); Service (Adults 27 to 50); Active Retirees ( 50 Plus).


  • Cap: Blue with the Section badge in front.
  • Scarf: Of the Group colour worn with a woggle or a loose knot at the throat.
  • Shirt: In non Seafarer or Aviator Groups, Koalas wear a grey shirt.
  • Shorts or trousers: Dark blue, green or grey.
  • Belt: Brown leather, Official pattern.
  • Socks: Any plain colour, worn turned down below the knee
  • Boots or shoes: Brown or black.
  • Shoulder patch: Small circular embroidered patch (the colour of the Lodge), sewn at the top of the left sleeve, immediately below the shoulder.
  • Shoulder badge: Indicating the Group, worn on the right shoulder or on both, according to the custom of the Group.

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