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Austrian slapping game

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This game is played indoors with more than 2 players.

How to play this game

All players sit down on the floor in a circle. First all put their hands on the floor so that palms thouch the floor. Then a player moves his/her hands between the hands of players sitting next to him/her. There has to be always somebody elses hand in the middle of your own hands!

Two things are decided: 1) direction of the movement (left/right) and 2) the beginner. Beginner slaps her/his hand on the floor. Then the next hand in agreed direction slaps the floor and slapping goes on in the circle hand after hand until somebody slaps twice. Slapping twice changes the direction.

If player slaps or even raises his/her hand at wrong time that hand is removed from the game. Player drops off the game after all his/her hands have made a mistake.

Two last players win the game.


  • This game can go on a very long time if there is a lot of players or some players are really good. Then there should be some other activities for those who have dropped off the game.
  • If all players are extremely professional slappers, you can add one more rule: three slaps mean that slapping jumps over one hand.