Associação dos Escoteiros de Portugal

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Associação dos Escoteiros de Portugal
Associação dos Escoteiros de Portugal
Scout Association of Portugal
Headquarters Lisbon
Country Portugal
Founded 1913

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The Associação dos Escoteiros de Portugal (AEP, Scout Association of Portugal) is a youth organization concerned with eduaction and the development of civil character. It was the first Scouting organization in Portugal, being established in 1913, and was a founding member of the World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM). As opposed to most Scouting groups in Portugal, the AEP is not tied to any denomination or religion, and, since 1979, is open to youth of both genders, ages 6 to 21.

The association is a member of the Comunidade do Escutismo Lusófono (Community of Lusophone Scouting).


The AEP promotes social values within a humanist and non-military perspective. It encourages participation in cultural activities and sports, as well as providing health education.

Program Sections

Its members are divided into the following divisions:

Any youngster can enter the AEP directly into the corresponding Age Division without having participated in the previous divisions. Adults may either enter existing troops or can promote the creation of new groups of Scouts.

Mixing genders with the same patrol did have some problems, so generally patrols are one gender or the other.

Scout Motto

Sempre Alerta, Always Ready

Scout Promise

Prometo por minha Honra fazer o meu melhor por:
Cumprir os meus deveres para com a minha Fé e a Pátria;
Auxiliar o Próximo em todas as circunstâncias;
Viver segundo a Lei do Escoteiro.[1]

On my honor I promise to do my best
to fulfill my duties to my faith and my country,
to help my fellow man in all circumstances,
and to live according to the Scout Law.

Scout Law

  • O Escoteiro é verdadeiro e a sua palavra é sagrada.
    A Scout speaks the truth and his word is holy.
  • O Escoteiro é leal.
    A Scout is loyal.
  • O Escoteiro é prestável.
    A Scout is trustworthy.
  • O Escoteiro é amigo de todos e irmão dos demais escoteiros.
    A Scout is a friend to everybody and a brother to other Scouts.
  • O Escoteiro é cortez.
    A Scout is courteous.
  • O Escoteiro é bom para os animais e plantas.
    A Scout is kind to animals and good to plants.
  • O Escoteiro é obediente e disciplinado.
    A Scout is obedient and well disciplined.
  • O Escoteiro é alegre e sorri perante as dificuldades.
    A Scout is joyful and smiles in times of difficulties.
  • O Escoteiro é económico, sóbrio e respeitador dos bens de outrém.
    A Scout is thrifty and respects the possessions of others.
  • O Escoteiro é puro no pensamento, palavra e acções.
    A Scout is pure in thought, word and deeds.[2]


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