Asociación Scouts de Colombia

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Membership badge of Asociación Scouts de Colombia

Colombia has 13,348 Scouts served by the Asociación Scouts de Colombia. Founded in 1917, it was accepted into the World Organization of the Scout Movement in 1933. The movement is coeducational, accepting both boys and girls.

Scouting first appeared in Colombia in 1913, introduced by Miguel Jimenez, who was living in England at the time. He returned to Colombia and brought Scouting back with him.

Outdoor activities and community service are important parts of the Scout program in Colombia. Scouts participate in national festivals and holidays. They help in sports events, disaster relief and first aid situations. There is also a strong emphasis on conservation and ecology.


All sections are coeducational.

The Scout Motto is Siempre Listo, Always Prepared.

Scout Oath

Por mi honor y con la gracia de Dios,
yo prometo hacer todo cuanto de mi dependa,
para cumplir con mis deberes con Dios y la patria,
ayudar al prójimo en toda circunstancia
y cumplir fielmente la Ley Scout.

By my honor and with the grace of God,
I promise to do my best
to fulfill my duties to God and to my country,
to help my fellowman in all circumstances
and to faithfully obey the Scout Law.

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