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Archery Merit Badge Activity Planner

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"Archery is a great sport for building confidence quickly. The feeling of shooting a bow and accomplishing your goal – whether it's drilling a bull's eye or executing a great shot – helps you build self-esteem and enjoy a sense of accomplishment. Archery is also great for improving focus, patience and even math skills." (

'Patrol Leader Merit Badge Planning Guide for the Archery Merit Badge

*** Activities for the Youth Lead Patrol ***

Exploring Archery can be a fascinating youth adventure when done right. Here are a few tips to help the patrol leader get started.

  • Scouts may never add or subtract from the actual merit badge requirements
  • This Planner is only a suggestion of different ideas to make working this Merit Badge both fun and easy.
  • While doing the Worksheet is not a requirement for earning this badge, in many cases it can help you learn key concepts and track your progress.

A. Make Your Plan

Sample Patrol Activity Flyer
  1. Merit Badge Activity Planning Tips - 14 tips for a successful patrol activity. Read carefully before you start your plan!
  2. Share Your Plan - Meet ahead of time with your patrol, scout leaders, parents and especially with the Merit Badge Counselor. Make changes to the plan as needed.
  3. Prepare Activity Flyer - Keep your fellow scouts informed - events, activities, pre-requisites and more.
Patrol Activity FAIR Archery requires the right equipment, location and lots of practice time. Ideal patrol size activity.
Virtual Field Trip POOR Not allowed
Family Activity POOR Requires access to Archery Equipment and Range
Service Activity POOR Not allowed
S.T.E.M. Activity FAIR Archery uses a good deal of physics/ mathematics
Field Trip GREAT Find an Archery Range for target practice and challenge.
Duty-to-God POOR N/A
MB Day POOR Possible - but requires offsite location and quite some practice
Overnighter POOR Possible - but requires offsite location and quite some practice
Summer Camp GREAT Most BSA Camps have adequate equipment, location and practice times.

Online Resources

B. Introduction Meeting

Most merit badge activities do best to have a "introduction" meeting where the patrol can discuss how to get started and to plan out their field trips.

MBC Search

Archery is a very physical sport that requires the right equipment, location and lots of practice time. It is usually recommended only for older scouts, ages 14 and over. Your scout council should have several MBC's that can help you. If not - then this is best done at Summer Scout Camp.

News Flash

C. Homework / Prerequisites


Assign one or more requirements that the scout can do at home, perhaps as a family activity.

D. Study Hall Patrol Night

While some scouts may be adept at self-study, others may do better in a small group setting and taking notes on worksheets. Make an agenda. You can facilitate discussion by asking them why each of the principles introduced here would be relevant. Schedule one or more patrol meetings to work this merit badge.

MBC Discussion Group

  • Req #1: Discussion - Archery Safety Rules
  • Req #2: Discussion - Arrows and their care
  • Req #3: Discussion - Equipment Care
  • Req #4: Discussion - The Archery Range

Arrow Making Activity

Req #2d1. Make a complete arrow from a bare shaft using appropriate equipment available to you.

Bowstring Making Activity

Red #3c. Make a bowstring using appropriate materials.

E. Field Trip

A related field trip with the MBC will be a great time to do the second half of this merit badge activity:

Do ONE of the following :
Req 5A: Recurve Bow or Longbow - Archery Target Challenge
Req 5B: Compound Bow - Archery Target Challenge

F. Extra Credit

While none of these are actual requirements for this merit badge - they are terrific opportunities to show Scout Spirit, Do A Good Turn Daily and to have FUN!

  1. Activity Reflection: Use this meeting for scouts to ask questions and to reflect on what they gained personally from this adventure. You can also have a discussion on what future opportunities are here.
  2. Court of Honor Exhibit: Pictures, handiwork and other memorabilia from this adventure will make for a great presentation at the next Scout Troop Court of Honor.

Related Merit Badges

Sometimes it is easier by doing two or more merit badges together as a joint activity:

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