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Amoeba is a game for groups of at least 6 players.

In the Beginning

Players form a circle and roles are given out to all players. The leader is an amoeba and the other players are more evolved animals. For example a fish, a mouse, a turkey, a pig, a horse, a lion and a monkey. Leader gives roles in "evolving" order.

After all roles are distributed, each player decides on a sound and a hand movement to represent their animal. The amoeba will generally say "Amoeeeeba Amoeeeeba" in a low voice, and at the same time thier hands are moved like in breast stroke swimming. There are no limits on the other animal sounds and movements.

The game

Amoeba starts the game by making its own sound and movement, then imitates the sound and movement of another animal. That player then repeats their own sound and movement, then imitates that of a different player, and so on.

If a player misses their turn or makes an error in their sound or movement, they devolve and become an amoeba. At the same time, all other players evolve one step further eg. the former amoeba becomes a fish, the fish becomes a mouse etc. The game is then repeated.