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Amoeba is a game for goups more than 6 persons.

In the Beginning

Players form a circle and leader gives roles to all players. Leader is an amoeba and other roles are more evolved animals. For example a fish, a mouse, a turkey, a pig, a horse, a lion and a monkey. Leader gives roles in "evolving" order.

After all players have roles they agree how each animal makes a sound and a hand movement. Amoeba always says in very low voice "Amoeeeeba Amoeeeeba" and at the same time hands are moved like in breast stroke swimming. There are no limits with other animal sounds and movements.

The game

Amoeba starts the game by making its sound and movement. After that Amoeba makes sound and movement of some other animal in the game. For example a horse. Then player of the horse role has to reply by horses sound and movement and then make some other animal routines etc.

If the horse does not notice its turn or makes wrong sounds or movements player falls back in the evolution and becomes an amoeba. All other players rise a step in the evolution eg. leader (former amoeba) becomes a fish and the ex-fish becomes a mouse etc. New amoeba then starts the game again. Sounds and movements remain the same.