Alpine Rovering in Victoria

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Alpine Rovering in Victoria takes place mainly in the W.F. Waters or Baw Baw Rover Chalet or the Bogong Rover Chalet, home to the Alpine Rover Crew and Alpine Venturer Unit

W.F. Waters Rover Chalet

Bogong Rover Chalet

Bogong Rover Chalet in winter

Alpine Rover Crew & Alpine Venturer Unit

The Alpine Rover Crew was formed in 1940 by W.F. "Bill" Waters, Branch Commissioner - Rovers during 1930 - 1965, to promote the Bogong Rover Chalet. Members must be an invested Rover or Leader, who have completed a Bogong Winter Party. The Alpine Venturer Unit was formed in 2000, mostly by the hard work of Matt & Ian Franzke. It promotes Bogong Rover Chalet and the Rover Skiing program at large. It is used as Venturers cannot be invested into a Rover Crew.

Bogong Rover Crew

Before 1940 and the birth of the Alpine Rover Crew, the Bogong Rover Crew carried out the same purpose. However since then, membership has become an award for services to Alpine Rovering and good conduct. Roughly 200 members have since been invested, in a ceremony that traditionally takes place on skis in sight of Mount Bogong. Membership requirements are as follow:

  1. Be a member of the Alpine Rover Crew
  2. Be a warranted Scouter or Rover
  3. Have attended at least 3 Bogong Chalet Winter Parties
  4. Have contributed by the way of work or organisation to the Bogong Rover Chalet and Rover Skiing
  5. Be nominated and seconded by two members of the Bogong Rover Crew

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