Algerian Muslim Scouts

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Algerian Muslim Scouts
الكشافة الاسلامية الجزائرية
Algerian Muslim Scouts الكشافة الاسلامية الجزائرية
Scouts Musulmans Algériens
Country Algeria
Founded 1935
Membership 24,750
General Commander Nourreddine Ben Brahm
Affiliation World Organization of the Scout Movement

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Algerian Muslim Scouts (Arabic: الكشافة الاسلامية الجزائرية‎) is the national Scouting association in Algeria. SMA has 24,750 members as of 2011.[1]


Scouting in Algeria began formatively around 1911, but Scouting was officially founded in French Algeria in 1935, introduced by Algerian Scouter Mohamed Bouras with a troop in Algiers called the "al Falah". Other sections then united with them: in Miliana the section "Ibn Khaldoun", and others in Constantine, Mostaganem, Blida, Setif, Tizi Ouzou, Batna and Guelma. With the proposal of Mohamed Bouras, the league of the scouts Moslem Algerian was created and obtained the approval of the government of the Popular front in July 1939. Encouraged by Oulémas reformists, the movement propagated patriotic ideas, was guided by nationalist chiefs, and carried out many demonstrations, like that of May 8, 1945 during which Bouzid Chaal, a young scout, died. Many scouts then took part in the war of independence, with the call of the moudjahidine.

Algeria became a member of the World Organization of the Scout Movement in 1963.


Members are actively involved in national construction and community development projects. They have constructed schools, improved roads, planted trees and conducted literacy campaigns.

The Scout Motto is "Kun Musta'idan" or كن مستعداً, Be Prepared in Arabic, and Sois Prêt in French. The noun for a single Scout is Kashaf or el-Kechaf or كشاف in Arabic. A scout is called Askuti in Berber.

The Scout emblem incorporates elements and color scheme of the flag of Algeria. It also has the crescent of Islam.


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