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23rd World Scout Jamboree

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23rd World Scout Jamboree
23rd World Scout Jamboree
Theme 和 Wa: A Spirit of Unity
Location Kirara Beach, Yamaguchi
Country Japan
Coordinates 34°01′N 131°23′E / 34.017°N 131.383°E / 34.017; 131.383
Date July 28 to August 8, 2015
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The 23rd World Scout Jamboree (第23回世界スカウトジャンボリー dai-nijūsan-kai sekai sukauto jamborii?) will take place at Kirara-hama, Yamaguchi, Japan in 2015. The theme will be 和 Wa: A Spirit of Unity. The kanji , meaning harmony, unity or togetherness, is also a part of the theme. Wa is also an early name for Japan.

Japan and Singapore both bid to host.

Theme of the 23rd World Scout Jamboree

The Jamboree site is a flat land with an area of 2.8 km north to south by 1 km east to west. There is a natural park on the site, where wildlife living on Kirara-hama is preserved. Millions of wild birds visit Kirara-hama every year. In addition, the Jamboree site is equipped with water supply and sewage systems, as well as a sports dome and a swimming pool that can be used for programs. The holding of a Jamboree will create a minimum of environmental and economic burden. Access to the site is easy by high-speed transportation systems such as airplanes and Shinkansen bullet trains.

The site is located 30 minutes from Shin-Yamaguchi Station on the JR Shinkansen line, which is capable of carrying a large number of passengers. Within a 2-hour radius of the site, four international airports serve, out of which, Fukuoka International Airport and Kansai International Airport are located west and east of the site.

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