2020 Virtual District Camporee

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Organize and participate in a multiple unit activity practicing proper social distancing and scout spirit. Contact your District or Council Activities Committee to arrange a joint activity with other packs and troops in your area.

General Rules

These Camporee rules here are for a multi-troop activity for mostly younger scouts.

  1. Local Covid-19 Rules: Modify this Activity as Necessary to meet Covid-19 restrictions that are in place for your communities and scout council.
  2. Venue Restrictions - Many outdoor locations, attractions, parks, beaches and trails are currently closed to the project.
  3. Patrol Size: Since most communities prohibit gatherings of 10 or more in one place. We recommend that a maximum patrol size of 9 scouts and a minimum patrol size of 5.
  4. Patrol Leader (PL): Each Patrol must have a "Patrol Leader". He will be the only one allowed to contact the camporee judges with questions or entry submissions.
  5. PL Orientation: Phone conference to take place one week before event start.
  6. Start Date: Give all units at least two weeks - advance notice before official start.
  7. End Date: Whenever you want. Could be as little as 24 hours or as big 90 days!
  8. Post Rules Online:
  9. District Facebook Page: - use to post rules, share updates and monitor the progress of the Camporee.
  10. Camporee Cost: Zero Cost Event! Get Donated prizes, patches, ribbons, awards, etc. No Campground or Portapotty Rentals needed!
  11. Trust But Verify - All participating scouts are expected to honor the scout law, but should be required to show adequate, time-stamped evidence of completion of each camporee event.
  12. District Camporee Committee - Approve rules and judging for each event.
  13. Event Scoring - Start with a sliding scale of 0-100 points for each event.
  14. Warnings: We are all participating on Scout's Honor here. If any PL submits an item to the camporee judge that is incomplete or inadequate, he will receive one warning notice stating that it is not accepted. He will then get one (or more?) opportunity to submit a corrected/modified entry.
  15. Small Patrol Bonus: If you determine that large patrols have an unfair advantage, then award 0-250 points to smaller patrols just to participate.

Other Considerations:

  • General health guidelines still recommend daily physical exercise.
  • Does your community require you to stay indoors.
  • Are gatherings of 10 or less permitted in your area.

Awards & Prizes

Get Donated prizes, patches, ribbons, awards, etc. No Campground or Portapotty Rentals needed!

Participation Awards

  • Certificate of Appreciation: Every Scout / Patrol should get be recognized with a color printed certificate that can be delivered at their next in person Court of Honor.
  • Patrol Awards of Achievement: 1st, 2nd & 3rd place to each patrol with the high scores in the daily competition or each event.
  • Individual Certificates of Achievement: - for outstanding scouts
  • Camporee Shirt & Patches - You may need to collect an entry fee from each patrol to cover this cost.

Patrol Leader Orientation

Each unit must participate as a patrol led by a Patrol Leader. (This will allow for more leadership experience for our youth.)

Camporee Events

Presentation of Camp Theme

Every Camporee needs a good scouting theme so pick one from traditional scouting and challenge the patrols to work it into their activities as many ways as possible. Samples: Tug-O-War, Pioneers, Grizzley Bear, Gone Fishin', etc.

Patrol Spirit

  1. 20 Points - Best original Patrol Flag - Submit photo of flag. Bonus for timestamp, camporee theme, patrol theme, Covid-19 themes.
  2. 20 Points - Best patrol Class B Uniform Inspection - Submit Group Photo Montage
  3. 20 Points - Best patrol Class A Uniform Inspection - Submit Group Photo Montage

Virtual Patrol Yell

Have you noticed when everyone talks at once that your virtual meeting platforms gets wonky? Challenge each patrol to come up with the best ZOOM Patrol Yell.

  1. 20 Points - Original Patrol Song - YouTube Video
  2. 20 Points - Best Boys Life Joke -
  3. 20 Points - Virtual Patrol Yell -Zoom / YouTube / FaceBook / Etc
  4. 20 Points - Best Example of "Social Distancing" at a Patrol event.
  5. 20 Points - Create a Cartoon
  6. 20 Points - The Scout Law

Home Beautification Project

Trail to First Class

RM Camporee.jpg

See Poster to the right. Don't let advancement opportunities slip for younger scouts!

Patrol Service Project

  1. 100 Points - for best original service project completed

Genealogy History Project

  • How many famous people are you related too?
  • Are you related to each other?
  • Rules: Submit a chart and brief profile of each genealogical "link" in the family tree of one or more patrol members.
  • Check with a local family history center for advise on how to "score well" on this project.
  1. 3 points for each of "Great-Grandparents" with a brief statement of something unique about them.
  2. 20 points for each fellow patrol member that you are related to.
  3. 5 points for each Troop Adult Leader that you are related to.
  4. 5 points for anyone listed in Wikipedia that you are related to.
  5. 25 points if you are related to a deceased person of unique scouting heritage significance.

Cooking Challenge

  • Prepare a meal using our list of ingredients below.
  • Prepare a video of your preparing the meal.
  • Deliver said meal to the doorstop of our Scout Hut for judging.

Patrol Merit Badge Activity

As a Virtual Patrol - perform an activity that completes two or more requirements of any Merit Badge.

Bonus points if it includes the following:

  • Camporee Theme
  • Eagle Required Badge
  • Provides service to others.

STEM Project

  1. 100 points for the best submission.

Duty To God Project

Most all church worship and organized religious instruction programs are currently on hold. How well can your patrol do a Duty to God activity during this great spiritual crisis.

  1. 100 points for the best submission.

Patrol Talent Show

Shakespeare, Air-Band Concert, Original Song, Lost in Space, Goofy songs and stories, etc. etc.

  1. Max Limit 10 minutes per submission.
  2. 100 points for the best submission.

Family Activity

Best example of a scouting or fun activity completed by any one or more families of the patrol.

Bedroom Decoration Project

  1. Add Bonus points for Scout theme and cleanliness.


At every scouting event scouts are encouraged to "Bring a Friend". It is even a requirement for rank advancement.

  1. 50 points for each new scout completed youth application submitted with payment
  2. 40 points for each new Adult Volunteer completed application submitted with payment

Adult Training

  1. 40 points for each adult leader in the troop that renews YPG certification during the course of the Camporee.

Joint Patrol Activity

Earn 100 Points for each scouting / camporee themed activity with another camporee patrol that is not from your troop. Must be a significant in nature otherwise your patrol may receive none or only partial credit. And not part of any other activity in the Camporee.

The Daily Challenge

What is Camporee without some intense competition to hone scouting and leadership skills? This might suggest a 7-day Camporee format with a special event sprung on them at 8am each morning (kind of like a Reality Game Show) and the results listed each night.

8AM each morning, the Camporee Director will post a video to the Camporee FB Page at 8AM. All scouts watch it and then start their actions.

  • Race 1st place 200 puts, 2nd is 40 pits
  • Geocache selfie
  • Collections - How many quarters or hot wheels cars can your whole patrol collect? Post your photo and count by Noon!
  • Physical fitness
  • Whittling Project - Create Camp Theme Sign : From a basic peace of Log.
  • Create something "knotty" using only materials found in your home (camp gadgets, gateway, etc). Scouts may combine items from your several homes.
  • Password Challenge: Look at this picture - How many scouting theme does patrol find in there? And do you see the secret scouting password of the day there?
  • Catch a "Fish" - Be the first to complete our Virtual Fishing Challenge. Send a Video of your "Catch" with scout and timestamp! Plan B - "Best Catch" . Plan C - "Ugliest Catch".
  • Bear Hunt - Ditto.

More Event Ideas

Each District is encouraged to add two or more "unique" elements to make their Camporee a singular element.

  1. See also the BryanOnScouting Blog for more Covid-19 Scouting ideas. (Sadly we cannot link to Scouting blogs from here!)
  2. See Scout On Through Covid-19 for more related activity ideas.
  3. See also List of 50 Low Cost Hobbies for more ideas.

Virtual Camporee Examples

Here are some examples -