1st lilydale

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1st Lilydale
Type group
Sections joys, coubs, scouts, venchras, rovers
District sherbrok yara ranges
Country Australia
Date Founded 1914

In 1914 seven years after the original experimental camp and ten years before the formation of scouts Victoria


For more then 100 years scouting has been run in some capacity. The aim of the group has and will always been to teach young people usual life and out door skills.


The first scout hall in Lilydale was the CFA station it was located in melba park. Because the hall had to be sherd with the CFA. The scouts couldn’t spread out that much it 1972 a new hall was constructed for the group. This new hall was located near old pound reserve. Two years later the first renovation to the hall would happen. This added toilets, a kitchen and q store. The breeze way was also added to connect the hall and the extension. The next development was in 2019 when HEC Sebire rovers moved into the hall. To accommodate them a rover den and large 4 car shed were add. In 2023 stage 1 hall renovations were approved. This meant that much need works to the roof and floor would be done. To matinee the hall for future generations.

Notal fingers

Hector Sebire first joined the group in 1923 9 years after the group was founded. As a assistant scout master in 1932 he formed a rover crow and became there first leader. in 1942 enlisted as a privet in the Australian army he was discharged in 1943. As a privet he then continued to lead the rovers until 1951. When he became the first group scout master of 1st Lilydale scouts. He continued in this role until 1957 when he stepped. Back for direct involvement with the group after 32 years of loyal services to the group he died at age 80. In 1973 the legacy that he left behind is still being felt today. In the scout group that he helped to shape in its early day. His biggest impact was the rover crow that he founded. That was renamed from Lilydale district rovers to HEC Sebire rovers in 1974.

Not much is known about Leslie R McGregor but it is important to record what is known. Scout master McGregor was most likely the person the founded the group in 1914. He served as a leader for 2 years when he went of to fite in the first world war. He would later die of Pneumonia in the United Kingdom on 28 October 1918.


The first leader to be registered was Leslie R McGregor who registered on the 4/08/1914 as a scout master. Ten days later the first 16 scouts registered on the 14/08/1914 with the group with the very first one being Hy Brown. The original hall was the CFA station. In 1916 Scout master McGregor left the group to fite in WW1. The next six people registered on the 15/09/1919. By the end of the decade there was no leader and between 6 – 22 scouts.


In 1922 a total of 20 scouts joined in three different groups. On 1/03/1922, 1/04/1922 and 1/11/1922. On the 1/04/1922 we had 1 scout masters and 1 assistant scout master register they were very much need. As the group had been without any leaders for 7 years and presumably not much actual scout work was done. In 1923 11 new scouts registered and assistant scout master Hector Sebire. In 1924 we celebrated 10 years of scouting in Lilydale. In 1926 13 new scouts where welcomed to the group. 1927 saw the start of cubs with W J Davey registering as cub master. On the 1/10/1927 one month later six new members joined it is gested that they are the first cubs. 1929 saw 9 new youth members join putting the group in a very healthy poshen. By the end of the decade with an estimated 59 youth and 4 leaders.


In 1930 14 more youth joined along with a assistant cub master. 1931 was the biggest increase of youth member to that point with 29 new member and three new leader with new cub, scout and assistant scout masters. 1932 12 youth members and a change in scout masters (SM) with one of the assistant scout masters (ASM) replacing. The previous one we also got a new ASM and assistant cub master (ACM) ASM Hector Sebire started a rover crew and became the rover leader. (it is interesting to note that this is the first time that section leaders are called a leader rather than master). 1933 saw 16 new youth and no leader changers. 1934 saw 7 new youth no leader changes and marked 20 years of the group. 1935 saw 8 new youth and new ASM. 1936 saw 11 new youth and new cub master (CM). 1937 saw 6 new youth. 1938 saw 4 new youth. 1939 was the first year where no new youth joined. The decade end with about 70 youth spared across three sections with 5 leaders.