19th World Scout Jamboree

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19th World Scout Jamboree
19th World Scout Jamboree
Location Picarquín
Country Chile
Date 1998-12-27 to 1999-01-06
Attendance 30,000 Scouts (est)

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The 19th World Jamboree in Chile, the first ever in South America, took place at a 7,400-acre (30 km2) site in the foothills of the Andes, some 38 miles (61 km) south of the capital city of Santiago. For 11 days, from December 27, 1998, to January 6, 1999, approximately 31,000 Scouts and leaders from nearly every Scouting association in the world assembled for a festival of friendship and Scouting spirit.

The jamboree theme of "Building Peace Together" was evident everywhere. And when jamboree Scouts weren't busy making new friends and exchanging mementos, they participated enthusiastically in a program that included full days of patrol activities. These included:

  • The Global Development Village, with exhibits and workshops devoted to science and technology, cultural and artistic expression, environmental issues, and intercultural peace and understanding.
  • A tournament trail of physical challenges and typical games from all across the Americas.
  • A day of community service in nearby villages.
  • An overnight hike through the site's 5,700 acres (23 km2) of rugged and desert-like countryside.
  • Day visits to area farms, fruit-packing factories, and mining works - ending with a country barbecue and folklore activity in Rancagua, the region's capital city.

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