1993 National Scout Jamboree

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1993 National Scout Jamboree
1993 National Scout Jamboree
Location Fort A.P. Hill, Virginia
Country USA
Date August 4, 1993 to August 10, 1993
Attendance 34,449 Scouts

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The 1993 National Scout Jamboree was the 13th national Scout jamboree of the Boy Scouts of America and was held from August 4, 1993 through August 10, 1993 at Fort A.P. Hill, Virginia.


This event was attended by 34,449 scouts.[1]

List of Sub-camps

The 1993 National Scout Jamboree was divided into 4 regional encampments which consisted of a total of 19 sub-camps. Each subcamp consisted of approximately 1300 participants each dispersed among 30-40 troops. Each troop occupied a campsite with dimensions of approximately 90 feet X 90 feet.[2] Each subcamp had a special patch which depticed a historical flag.

Central Region

Subcamp 1: Green Mountain
Subcamp 2: Rhode Island
Subcamp 3: Guilford Courthouse
Subcamp 4: French Fleur-de-lis

Western Region

Subcamp 5: Union Jack
Subcamp 6: Grand Union
Subcamp 7: Fremont
Subcamp 8: Sons of Liberty
Subcamp 9: Gadsden

Northeast Region

Subcamp 10: Bunker Hill
Subcamp 11: Bennington
Subcamp 12: Washington Cruisers
Subcamp 13: Phila, Light Horse
Subcamp 14: Taunton

Southern Region

Subcamp 15: Navy Jack
Subcamp 16: Serapis
Subcamp 17: Fort Moultrie
Subcamp 18: Lions & Castles
Subcamp 19: Commodore Perry


Jamboree attendees were able to participate in a number of activities. A list of the main activities is given below:[2]

Action Centers

  • Action Alley-
  • Air-Rifle-
  • Archery-
  • Bikathalon-
  • Buckskin Games-
  • Confidence Course-
  • Motocross-
  • Patrol Challenge -
  • Pioneering-
  • Trap Shooting -
  • Rappelling

Remote Centers


  • Raft Encounter
  • Racing Shell Run-
  • Canoe Sprint-
  • Kayak Fun-
  • Canoe Slalom -
  • Discover Scuba-
  • Snorkel Search-

Exhibits and Displays

  • National Exhibits -
  • Merit Badge Midway -
  • Arts and Science Expo -
  • Brownsea Island Camp -
  • Daily Stage Shows -
  • Amateur Radio Station -

Order of the Arrow Jamboree Rendezvous

The Order of the Arrow Jamboree Rendezvous was held on the evening of Monday, August 9.

Order of the Arrow Jamboree Rendezvous patch.

Severe weather

A major rainstorm occurred on Friday, August 6 which caused localized flooding throughout Fort A. P. Hill and necessitated the cancelation of all Jamboree activities for the afternoon.[3] This storm deposited over 3 inches of rain on the jamboree site in a 13 hour period.[4]


A daily newspaper entitled Jamboree Today was distributed to all jamboree participants to inform them of events at the jamboree.

Front page of Jamboree Today from the first day of the jamboree.

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