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Groups:1st Cathays Al Huda

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1st Cathays Al Huda Scout Group
Location Cardiff
Country United Kingdom
Continent Europe
Date Founded 2006

The 1st Cathays Al Huda Scout Group in Cardiff became the first Muslim Scout Group in Wales in 2006 and the tenth in the United Kingdom.[1]

Youth numbers are increasing, but a shortage of leaders is reported. [2] Founded in March 2006 by Salah Aboulgasem,[3] the troop was active a year prior to its official establishment.[4] In 2006, 1st Cathays Al Huda had 90 members, composed of a Beaver Scouts section, separate Cub Scouts sections for boys and girls, and separate Scouts sections for boys and girls.[5]

According to Aboulgasem, the troop was launched to aid Muslims in taking leadership positions in society.[3] Aboulgasem said that "there's a lack of integration with Muslims" and that a number of Muslims were falling behind in education.[6] Non-Muslims are also permitted to join the troop,[1] and several are members.[7] The language spoken during the meetings is English.[4]

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